Our Little Peanut! 

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So Thursday we got to see our newest addition. It makes me happy that we are adding a new member to our family. I have always imagined being a father of three and soon I will be on my way.  

Our doctors appointment went like any other. We sat in the waiting room for what felt like forever. Then the nice lady came and got us and took us to a dark room. My wife got undressed from the waist down and the ultrasound begain. I know a lot of you guys I been through the same thing and that you don’t need my play by play. 

Ultrasounds are another reason I am glad God made me a man. I could not imagine having to get jelly squeezed on you and then either have something rolled on your stomach or have this huge probe inserted in your “lady cave”. 

Suddenly I was looking at my little baby on a huge screen. Well it did not look like a baby but more like a little peanut. Then we heard the heartbeat. It was 124 which is slow but normal for this stage in the pregnancy. Everything looked good and my wife and I were just smiling at one another. 

After our ultrasound we met with Dr. Brown. I love her. She is the same doctor who delivered K-Dub. She never forgets you and is a serious hugger. My wife loves her to pieces. I made some jokes about my wife’s old lady tiredness and told her about our 4 pm Valentine’s Day date. After some loud laughs and hugs she told us that we were actually seven weeks and not eight. She also said that everything looked good and to keep doing what we are doing. Like I said before. I love her! 

Looks like baby number two is doing good. I can’t wait to find out the gender and I can’t wait to hold this sweet little baby in my arms in October. I love being a dad! 

#PregnancyProblems Weeks 6 to 8

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It’s been a long time since my last post due to the fact that our lives have been nuts. When I say nuts, it’s more of an excuse for the amount of chaos our lives ….

Sorry for the pause. I am trying to write this post at a local Starbucks and some asshole with his iPhone buds in his ear is talking about spreadsheets with some other asshole. We get it! You are a super douche who has nothing better to do than to talk extremely loud and walk back in forth while talking about something that no one is interested in. Sorry I am a little ill. After you read this you will have a better idea. Ok back to my story…

First let me say we are super thankful for the positive comments and tweets regarding our pregnancy announcement. You guys rock! Like I said before our house has been crazy. K-Dub is in daycare which made me cry really hard like someone stole my puppy or when the last episode of Parenthood aired. That show gets me EVERYTIME! I started a new job at the newspaper and I have to say it is very fast pace and deadline driven. I love it. I thrive in chaos very well. That’s why I am a amazing father and husband. I am also a conceded asshole. Sorry. My wife is just super pregnant and experiencing a lot of issues.  

Let’s start with K-Dub. She started saying “I love you Daddy” and it melts my heart. She is potty training very well except with a few bad incidents. I took her pee and she pooped her pants and it fell on the floor and I stepped in it. Yes this happened and it was my first day at my new job. I was almost late due to cleaning my child’s turd off my shoe. Not my finest moment as a father. She loves daycare even though today is her fifth day and she started last Monday. More on this later. She loves her horsey and takes it everywhere. If you forget it, it will be hell on earth. My daughter voice turns into a screeching sound like someone had released the Kracken! The struggle is real. 

Now my wife is not very pregnant unlike I said before. She is only eight weeks. I remember when she was pregnant with my daughter this meant that she never wanted to be touched and sex was always out of the question. This time a round she is sick all the time, tired ALL THE TIME, and can’t poop. She stays sick all the time. She is constantly holding her mouth like a nun who needs to drop the f-bomb. I started calling my wife Gladess due to her being tired all the time. I don’t know many 28 year olds who go to bed early but my wife is totally ok with going to bed at 8:30. Yes you heard me! It makes it hard to have alone time with her or plan a date night. I found this out on Valentine’s Day by having to schedule our date at 4:00 PM. This really happened. 

When my kid started daycare it only took two days before she brought a friend home with her. By friend I mean a crazy stomach virus that lead to us having diarrhea and nausea all weekend. The diarrhea was mostly my thing cause my wife is pregnant and can’t poop. Yes this is a true pregnancy symptom. It got to the point where she went and got some apple juice to help losen her stool. As for me I could not stop going. It was horrible but a great way to loose weight. Seriously great. 

Now we are suppose to get an ultrasound of our little nugget tomorrow so we can hear the heartbeat. I am excited but I hope the snow stays away long enough. We will see. I can’t wait to have this newest addition join the crew. After reading this story you are either excited or scared for our little peanut. Sorry future son or daughter this is your family. We promise not to screw you up that bad! 

This Week Was A Good Week

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So just like the title suggests, this week has brought a lot of changes to my little family. I look back on everything bad that happened to us over the last few months of 2014 and I see whats happened now and it confirms the saying that everything happens for a reason. I finally get why that is.

As many of you know I have been a stay at home dad since the end of October. I have been picking up little odd jobs here and there to make extra money but mostly I have been taking care of K-Dub. We have had a lot of fun and she is amazing! This week I was given an opportunity I could not pass up. I accepted a position at the Charlotte newspaper called The Charlotte Observer. I will be working in the advertising department. I am so excited to finally use some of the skills I learned in college. It is in many ways my dream job. I can still be an amazing dad to K-Dub cause the position is very flexible. I will miss our days of nothing but playing princesses and puzzles but I am ready to spend some time with some other adults.

When I got the job, I told my wife and we were both so excited. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life and she was excited for this…


So it looks like I am going to be a daddy again! All I remember was crying cause I was so happy. My wife and I talked about having another baby but we’re just “not trying” to conceive one. It was still a total shock. We are just praying for a healthy baby. We are due October 9th and we are currently five weeks along. I am super excited for a new member of the family to come.

So yes life is good this week. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to keep praying for. It’s funny how when you lose things you get them back and it’s better then what you had originally.

Please continue to have my family in your thoughts and prayers as we start new jobs and expect our second baby.

This was our announcement yesterday…




Do You Need To Potty?

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I can’t believe we have finally made it to this point. I thought we still had some time. I figured we would wait until we she was three. Can you believe she came to us and said she was ready? She is growing up too fast and I am afraid I am not going to keep. I hope I can do this and hope this is not going to get messy. Potty training is never easy.

These were all the thing going through my head this past weekend as we started potty training K-Dub. She did come up to my wife and I and told us she wanted to learn. It just feels like yesterday she said her first word and now she wants to use the toilet? Being a dad has always been a job that made me constantly teach my child different things like what sounds do animals make and how to dance but I don’t know if she would get this.

That Saturday morning started like any other. With a lot of coffee and Cutious George we got ready to tackle the day as a family. We headed to Target and let K-Dub pick out two pairs of “big girl” underwear. She of course chose Minnie and Doc McStuffins but I am about 100% sure that if they had some with Curious George she would have gotten some.

When we arrived home we changed K-Dub in her new underwear and gave her a long talk about going to the potty and the importance of telling Mommy and Daddy when she had to go. As we sat there and watched some television I happened to look over and saw that she had went pee in her underwear. I told her it was ok and changed her. After about thirty minutes she came to me and said she had to go. I took her to the potty and SHE WENT!!!

The rest of the weekend we were on a parenting high. K-Dub had a couple of more accidents but for the most part got potty training down pat. She still has issues going poo but we are working on it. She went to the potty at a public toilet. I am very proud of her but not in a my kid is the best and your sucks kind of way. I just think that every parent needs to brag on their kid every once in a while. I hope she keeps this up!

Parenting win!!!

This Weeks Coupon Trips 1/26 To 1/30

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So after I order my four sets of inserts last week, I knew that this week the grocery stores were going to have a lot of good sales and I wanted to make sure that I got absolutely everything I needed. This week there was a P&G, two Red Plum inserts, and a Smart Source insert. These were load with great coupons for stuff I really needed to stock up on at my house. After a long day of cutting, sorting and stacking I was ready to hit the stores!

The first stop was Bi-Lo. I love this store cause not only do they double coupons but they take competitor coupons to. I did not really have a lot to get here. They had a great deal on Sweet Bay Ray’s BBQ sauce so I stocked up. I found a great recipe for some crockpot BBQ chicken that I want to make next week. More on the soon. They also had a great sale on ketchup so I grabbed a bottle.

Bi-Lo Trip
Store Savings- $11.71
Coupon Savings- $4.00
Total Saving- $15.71
Total Purchase- $9.37

After leaving there I headed over to Walmart to stock up on some toothpaste and mouthwash along with some dish soap.

Walmart Trip
Coupon Savings- $11.50
Original Total- $37.79
New Total- $26.29

I have never been really good at couponing at Walmart. Maybe it’s the fact that I hate that store so much. Its more than likely the most hated store by my family and I. I feel like it’s a trap. You walk in and get you stuff and walk to the front and there is 30 registers and only 2 are opened. WTH? Really? Anyways, back to the task at hand.

The next store I went into was Food Lion. They had a killer sale on ground turkey for $2.99 a pack and that’s all my family eats. Last time they had this sale I bought $20 worth of meat and we still have a few packs I. The freezer now. This was a stock up trip with no coupons required.

Food Lion Trip
Total- $16.28
Store Savings- $4.00
New Total- $12.20

After that trip I was on fire with only one store left to go. My favorite store which is Harris Teeter. They double coupons and almost always have the best deals on meat and other essentials. I went in with Miley coupons ready to get some hot dogs, Pringles and some frozen pretzel dogs. They even had a killer deal on Digiorno Frozen pizza that with a coupon was $2.97 each with a limit of 2. That’s a steal.

Harris Teeter Trip
Store Savings- $27.88
Coupon Savings- 34.18
Total- $27.35

I thought I was done until I got a email for some additional sales at Harris Teeter. So I got ready this morning and head to the store. It was my favorite kind of trip cause the sale was so good I did not need any coupons. Harris Teeter also had a sale on their HT Trader Valentine’s Day candy box. Regular retail price was $11.99 and it was on sale for $0.99 with no limit.

2nd Harris Teeter Trip
Total Savings- $117.56
Total- $38.04

With all the couponing I did this week my wife and I had a long discussion about how much stuff we had. We had so much body wash, toothpaste and mouthwash it was insane. I had to store them in the laundry room closet. So now my wife and I decided to take a little bit of break from stocking up so much and use a little bit of what we have. I will still coupon but not as much as have (Unless the sale is too good to pass up).

This Weeks Totals
Money Spent- $113.25
Money Saved- $171.24

Confessions From A Temporary Stay At Home Dad

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So this week I have been a full time stay at home dad. No odd jobs this week so I got to stay home with my little girl and be a domestic hurricane while my wife worked.

The week so far has consisted of a all morning coupon trip which will be talked about later, cleaning the house, having dinner either ready or ready to be prepared, doing laundry and of course half marathon training.

K-Dub and I of course had a great week of watching Curious George, eating waffles, playing princesses, playing with her puzzles, naps, and a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and fruit snacks. I have to say that hanging out with her has been a lot of fun. Between our morning cuddle sessions to our trips to see Maw Maw this week we have been all over the town.

We have also had our share of hard times. K-Dub fought me on some of her naps, we had a few meals that could not be are until they were in are in my lap, and a lot of fights about watching too much Curious George. Not all days were easy but I would not trade them for anything.

Being a SAHD has been great and not so great. Since loosing my job I have been a little depressed but taking care of my daughter is a great reason to get up in the morning. Besides, no one plays princesses better then Daddy!

So Look Who Turned 2

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So this week my little girl turned two. I can’t believe it. It just seems like yesterday we came home from the hospital. Now she is running around and speaking full sentences. I always heard that they grow up so fast but I never thought I to be true until having a child of my own.

K-Dub had a great party. We had our family and a few close friends come. I hate January birthdays cause it’s cold and flu season so a lot of K-Dubs friends could not make it cause they were sick. She got lots of presents and ate tons of what she calls happy cake.

After the party we went to dinner with Aunt Kate and came home feeling exhausted but successful that we threw an amazing party.

Now that K-Dub is two she can now do the following…

1. Feed herself
2. Drink out of her own cup
3. Sit through an entire movie.
4. Climb on everything and I mean EVERYTHING!
5. She knows who people are.
6. She repeats EVERYTHING you say
9. She sings songs even ones she does not know the words to
10. She farts and thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world.
11. She hates to share
12. She does not like boys unless they are Daddy.
13. She loves Curious George.
14. She likes to dance. Mostly with her Cousin Charlee Bell
15. She still uses a diaper but wants to learn to use the big potty.

So I can’t wait to see what happens in year three of being a parent. She is so smart and continues to learn everyday. I love being this girls dad and I know that things are just going to get better from here.