Fireworks As Explained By Kids

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In case you were wondering, here is what fireworks are.  Just had to share. Prepare for an overload of cute! 

My Kids Artwork #3 Father’s Day Edition

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So I know Father’s Day has come and passed and I am very late posting this but I had to share this sweet sign my daughter made me at daycare. It made my day and is my favorite thing to look at while at work.

Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! 

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I know it’s July 4th and we are suppose to be celebrating with hamburgers, hotdogs, and fireworks, but toe years ago this holiday became about someone. My sweet niece Hayden came into this world. She has be nothing more then a pleasure to have as a niece. 

Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! Your uncle and aunt loves you very much! We can’t wait to see you today! 

#PregnancyProblems Weeks 19-25

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Well the last time I gave an update on our pregnancy it was when I broke the news that we were expecting another girl. A lot has happened since and its really hard to believe that this baby girl is only 15 weeks shy of arriving. What an exciting time!

My wife is getting to the phase in her pregnancy where she is not comfortable at all. Only this time she is pregnant during one of the hottest summers. With the temperatures rising to the 100s she is sweating in places I cant talk about in this post. She told me that she never wants to be pregnant in the summer again.

Although she is sweating herself to death, she is also having issues with her back pain. Yes out little girl is kicking her all the time and my wife is constantly complaining about her back hurting. She hates stairs and I think she wants me to move our bed to the living room but that is not going to happen.

The feeling of throwing up is still there but not as bad as it was in my last two post. My wife still cannot eat Mexican food but she has opened back up to the idea hotdogs and hamburgers. It is summer after all.

This week we start working on our baby girl’s room. We are going to pick out some paint, move furniture around, and break out all the old baby clothes and get them ready for our little girl’s arrival.

It won’t be long now!

Marathon Training Month 2

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So we finally made it to the end of month number two of marathon training. It was a very interesting month. I have to say the runs were longer, more calories were burned, and my body was feeling the pain. Here is how month two went.


Morning- Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening- Cross Training (30 mins)


Morning– Comfortable Run 5 to 7.50 miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening– Cross Training (30 mins)


Morning– Run 3 to 5 Miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening- Cross Training  (30 mins)


Long Run from 7.50 to 10 Miles


Rest Day

Total Miles Ran- 74.4

I started the month with the goal to burn 870 calories per day for week one. In week two I went up to 880 calories. In week three I hit my first snag and was unable to complete a full week of burning 890 calories per day. That was mostly because I was on vacation. So I went another week with this goal. Everything was going fine but I started to have some foot issues. My gout came back and my leg and foot were swollen really bad. I decided to take a Saturday off of running. My wife and peers told me I was doing too much and it was ok to take an extra day to rest if I needed it. They were right!

Goals For Month Three- I am going to work really hard on getting a handle on my nutrition and also the runs will be staying the same as far as the distance. The big focus for month three is start building speed as well as being able to maintain my pace on those long runs. I am more then likely going to cut back on my cross training to focus more on my running and I might schedule an extra day of rest so I don’t get injured like I did this past month.

Our Little Vacay

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 I have been meaning to post this blog for sometime but in all honesty the time has gotten away from me. As you know, We went on a little vacation a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it was great to get away. Nothing like going out of town to get your groove back.

We went to our usual spot, Holden Beach, which is the most beautiful beach in North Carolina in my opinion. We made it there in under three hours thanks to my amazing wife and her mad driving skills. We love seeing our Nana and K-Dub had been asking about her for the past few weeks. We missed her and had a lot to catch up on with her.

On Saturday, I started my day with a 7.50 mile run on the main street of Holden Beach. It was beautiful to be running while watching the sun come up. It reminds you of how amazing this world can be. I wanted to get this run done as early as possible cause it was suppose to be really hot and by the time I finished It was really really HOT!

We spent the rest of the day on the beach where it really did feel like the sun was in your pocket. I found myself having to get in the water more frequently to cool off. K-Dub is scared of the ocean so the closest we could get her to the water was to the start of the shore line. She did love playing in the sand. She made what she called sandcastles but I thought they looked more like holes. We had a nice picnic on the beach and then ended our day with a trip to the amazing Sunset Slush.


Sunday we had another great day at the beach and then spent sometime in Calabash. We got some new ornaments for our tree to welcome Everly. Getting a new ornament is a tradition that we do every year.

You can’t seem to go to the beach without getting some seafood. So we got some dinner and then headed back to Nana’s house where we spent the evening watching TV and playing with K-Dub.

Monday we left after our tradition of eating at The Purple Onion Café, which is the best place to eat. Then we headed home. It was a great trip but like always, it was too short. Maybe next year we can plan a much longer vacation. Next year we will travel as a family of four! Wow! That is going to be exciting!

The First Father’s Day 

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Today is going to be hard. They say the first is always the worst but then you find a sense of a new normal. I can tell you to not have a father to buy a card for, take to lunch, buy a present, or even to call sucks. I hate it. 

All week I have dreaded today. I have held back the tears. I have even tried to pretend it was just another day. I am angry. Angry that he left me with no warning. Just one day he was gone. I miss him greatly. 

So instead of crying and feeling sad, I have a little girl who wants to spend some time with her dad. She wants to spend time with me. She wants to give me kisses, presents, cards, and she wants to call me “Dad” cause she does not know how to make a phone call yet. We will eat lunch together which may be chicken nuggets but I  ok with that. As long as we are together. 

Maybe since this is the first one without him it could be the new normal. 

Happy Father’s Dad! I know you are cheering me on up there in Heaven! Love you!