4 Years Of Marriage Highs And Lows

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 I can’t believe we have been married for four years. It just seems like yesterday my wife and I went on our first date and I watched her cut her chicken fingers with a knife. She was trying to impress me but what she did not know is that she already did.

Our marriage has not been at all perfect. We have had some knock out drag out fights and we have cried together, laughed together, danced together, and even stole stuff together. There is so many stories that are both good and bad to tell about my marriage that there is simply not enough time or room to do it in this blog entry. I have decided to hit the highs and lows in a top five fashion.

1. Our Wedding Day Duh!
2. When K-Dub was born.
3. When we bought out first house
4. Our honeymoon to Cabo
5. When we laid on the floor of our first apartment and watched a movie.

1. Miscarriage #1
2. Miscarriage #2
3. The death of my dad
4. Loosing our jobs in a 6 month period
5. The fight over the Altima

Now our top five things to look forward to in our marriage!

1. Everly Mae Funderburke Coming October 2015!
2. More Trips!
3. Raising our girls!
4. Retirement
5. More kids???

Happy Anniversary to my wife! Thanks for making these past four years the best a man could want! Love you!

#PregnancyProblems Weeks 13 to 18

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Well we finally made to the reveal of the gender of our second child. I have to say that this pregnancy has left me wondering if maybe this time around I was going to be having a son. My wife has been very sick all the time, She has craved sour pickles, her belly was what seemed to me, carrying the baby very high. All signs were pointing to a boy.

We decided that we were going to wait and find out with our family. We had the ultrasound tech place the gender in a sealed envelope and we gave it to a trust friend and that went and bought silly string. After covering the cans so we would not see the color, they were placed in a gender natural bag and stapled it shut.

We gathered our family around at the local park. We provided doughnuts and water but we knew that the only thing they cared about was what was in the bad. After handing out the can we stood together and counted down. 1…2…3… SPRAY!!!!



It was revealed that we were going to have a… GIRL!!!!

Yes another girl! I have to admit that I was a little upset. I swore up and down that this one was going to be a boy. I think that it would have been great to have a boy cause it would have been a new adventure for my wife and I. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for us. I have to say that as I sat and thought about it, I am actually really excited about having another girl. K-Dub loves me to pieces and I she is really a Daddy’s girl. So as of today I am ok with another girl.

As for a name, Everly Mae will be joining our family this October. We are already so in love!

The Mother Of All Days

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I know I am a little behind on my Mother’s Day post but it would not be right to no make a post dedicated to my two favorite women…

My Mom


My mom has taught me so much, including how to be a great husband and father. She has always went out of her way to make sure my brother and I were taken care of. Our childhood was awesome and a lot of that was because of her. She is the best cheerleader and did the best job when it came to raising two wonderful boys.

My Wife


I could not ask for a better mother of my children then this lady. There is no one I would rather co-parent with then her. She knows so much and has taught me a lot about being dad and what is expected out of me. She is the best teammate. Together we will survive this thing call parenthood. Our daughter and one on the way are so luck to have you in their life.


Love you both and I hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day!

Under The Sea And To The Potty

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No trip can begin without a trip to the potty. This a fact an any parent that tells you different is a liar….

Its been a long time since I updated you all on K-Dub’s potty progress. I have to say that when my wife and I decided it was time to teach K-Dub how to use the potty, we never thought about how much it was going to effect us. I try not to complain a lot when it comes to parenting but this blog post would not make a great point without me expressing some of my frustrations. Here we go…

First, when potty training our daughter I have found that she has good days, bad days, and horrible days. You never know which one you will have. If you can make it to lunch without an accident then I really do consider that a parental win. Then those days where it seems that K-Dub can’t make it tot potty in time or it seems she is just too damn lazy to stop playing and go. Those days make me want to tear what is left of my hair completely out.

While I was enjoying my down time this past weekend, My wife and I decided to take our daughter to the aquarium in Concord, NC. I have never been to that aquarium and I heard good things so I was interested to see if it was going to be a great experience. No experience is complete without a trip to the potty before we headed in, while we were there, again, and then right before we left. I swear I have never met anyone or a child for that fact that can pee so much. We still had a great time but I have to say that I was exhausted when it came time for her to potty.

What really makes me super mad about potty training is when K-Dub tells me that she needs to go and then we get to the potty and she does nothing and just sits there and smiles at me. The kind of smile that reads “Gotcha Daddy”. If she was not so damn cute I would be real mad but when this happens I just tell myself that she is two. A smart two-year old at that.

Just keep saying a prayer for us as we continue this process. I have been pooped and peed on but I am still not willing to give up on her!

Back To Training!

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  Wow that was a great break! I decided to take a little break from not only running but from the blog as well. This gave me some much-needed time to catch up on some yard work, some reading( I finally finished The Girl On The Train and it was fantastic), and I also got to hang with my wife and daughter. It was a great two weeks.

No that it is over, I started getting back to work. Training for my marathon is now in full swing. I have my schedule all laid out and my runs planned. I am ready. Monday started my first day of training with my usual 6 am crossfit class. I love my crossfit family. They are so encouraging and always push me to be my best,

Today my alarm went off at 5 am and I put on my sneakers and went for a nice 3 mile jog around the neighborhood. It was great to watch the sun come up and to have my miles in before breakfast was an added bonus.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy. I am putting in 6 days of training a week and at the moment I have a burned calorie goal of 800 a day. This goal will increase every week by 25 calories. Its been a lot of measuring and planning to make this training plan work but I know I can do it if I stick with it.

Wish me luck as I become a true marathon runner!

Oak Island Half Marathon Run Recap

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So I did it! I ran my first half marathon race! I am officially a half marathon runner!

First, let me say that I am sorry the blog entry from Friday never posted. It was a user error. I don’t like using the mobile blogging app and now I am reminded why.

Anyways, lets get to the race.

Saturday morning arrived. I was pumped and nervous at the same time. I could not wait to get started and show myself what I could do. I ate a good breakfast and drank some Amino Energy. I was ready and determined to do well!

When we arrived at the race, traffic was crazy trying to get in a get parked. With only 15 minutes until the race was going to start, I got out and stretched and walked up to the starting line. It was very cloudy outside. I was nervous it was going to rain and I was right.


The buzzard went off and the race had begun, I said to myself lets start at an easy pace and work our way up. When I reach to start of Caswell Road it began to rain. My glasses were covered in rain and my face was wet. By the time I reach mile 3 my shoes and socks were completely soaked. I knew I was in trouble.

At mile 4 you have to cross over the big bridge that connects Oak Island and Southport. I knew this bridge was going to be a challenge but carrying the extra weight from the water in my shoes was not going to help. I still manage to get over. I saw other people struggle to make it up. It made me feel that I was in good company. At one point a woman was leaning over the bridge blowing chunks. I felt bad but told myself that this was not going to be me. After making the loop around you had to go back over the bridge again. I made it over and was done with mile 6 when my calves started to feel as if they were on fire.

Miles 7- 9 were thru some residential areas. I remember thinking that this maze was never going to end. At mile 8 I stopped at a water station. The first time I stopped the complete race. I needed a minute to get myself together. My legs were on fire.

At mile 10 I knew I was not going to make it under the two hour mark liked I wanted to but I had to keep going. Pushing through the pain I jogged my way up to mile 12. One more mile is what I kept telling myself. ONE MORE MILE!!!

Soon the finish line was there and I could hear the cheers and see the people waiving at me. I pushed through and made it to the finish line with a smile on face. I happily accepted my medal that I earned. My total time was 2:35:05, which is not my best but through the crazy weather conditions, I will take it!

One thing this race taught me is that you can train all day every day but there are some things that are just not in your control. Finishing a race at any time is still finishing and you need to be proud of just that. At least I finished and I can say I ran a half marathon. I will be back next year! Its already on my calendar!

So what’s next for this runner? A much need break from running. I am think a couple of weeks to get my body back to where I need it to be. Then, I am going to start training for The Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon! That’s right 26.2 miles and I am both scared and excited! Wish me luck!


Training Is Almost Done! 

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So my half marathon is this weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost here. It seems just yesterday I decided to take the leap and push myself to the max. Since my last post about my training I have been getting a lot of questions about how training is going and if I am improving. Here is my latest update.

So training has been hard. There has been days where I feel like I can’t do it. There are days where I am pumped and there has been days where I skip training all together. It’s just the way it is.

As many of you know I have been doing crossfit three days out of the week. It has been a lot of fun a really challenging. I have met a lot of cool people who have the same goals as me and they do a real great job of keeping me motivated. I was told by the owner that with doing crossfit and half marathon training I would see a huge improvement in my overall time. I did not believe him at all.

One thing that happened during my training was I got so crazy allergies. It caused me to not be able to run for two weeks. As I was starting to feel better I resumed my training I could not run long distance. I would get tired or feel as if I could not breathe. It made my confidence very low. I was getting worried if I could finish this half marathon or not.

I decided that I needed to do a practice run. So Sunday I decided to run 11 miles. I told my wife to be by her phone just in case I needed her to come get me. I made a real good start. Miles 1 thru 3 were easy. Then a crazy thing happened around mile 5. I was actually getting faster per minute. My pace was getting better and I was running a minute faster per mile. When I finished to mile 11 my total time was 1:42:36. I even beat my 10k and 5k records!


My confidence is back and I am ready to head to Oak Island. I have one more run that is tomorrow. It’s a 5 mile jog and I am excited to get it out of the way. I feel this could be my best run yet!



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