Nothing Like A Minivay!

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Ok minivay is not even word but just stay with me.

After my 5k race and wining third place, my wife decided to head on a little adventure. She recently read my post about how I was in need of an adventure and I was happy to go along with it. We drove into Southport, NC and got on the ferry to head to Carolina Beach. I was still in awe of my big win at the race but now I was even more excited for what I knew was gong to be an awesome day.

When we got off the ferry we headed down to Carolina Beach and once we go there and got parked explored a little. We walked on the boardwalk and saw a few shops. I love the beach cause there are so many small shops like an arcade, pizza places, ice cream, mini golf, and doughnut shops.

Wait! Doughnut shops?

That is right! Carolina Beach is the home of Britt’s Doughnut Shop. I heard about this shop from a coworker and I knew I had to try these sweet treats. Hey I just got done running a 5k that I have been training hard for. I needed a reward. So I got some cash from the local ATM and bought me a dozen. I could not wait any longer and took a doughnut out and took a bite. Best doughnuts ever!

After getting my doughnut fix we went and had lunch at Pop’s Diner and had the usual grill food. It was good and the prices were not that bad.

At this point on our adventure I was exhausted but glad to see what the rest of the day had in store. I really wanted to just go and lay on a beach somewhere for a few hours. So my wife and I along with K-Dub and Nanny E headed back across the pond to Holden Beach.

I did nothing but lay my towel down and fall asleep. A beach is the best place to fall asleep. I then got up and played in the sand with K-Dub for a while. It was fun. She is still scared of the ocean. I hope by the time she is five she grows out of that mess.

By the time we got back to Nana’s house we were all beat. I made stew cabbage, Nanny E made a meatloaf, and BrittWhitFun made mashed potatoes, which turned out to be the best dinner ever followed by the rest of the doughnuts from Britt’s.

The next day we packed all of our bags and went out for our usual meal at The Purple Onion Cafe before heading home. All and all, I have to say it was a great weekend. It was a much-needed adventure.



When Hard Work Pays Off

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As you guys know, this weekend I headed down Oak Island, NC for my first 5K race. I was really nervous and excited cause I had no idea what to expect.

My brother and I arrived really early in the morning. So early that we were the first ones there. We got our race packets and but our race bibs on. We then say in my brothers truck and watched the other racers come in.

Soon it was time to start the races. Everyone who ran the half marathon lined up at the start line. At eight in the morning a buzzard went off and the race began. Then ten minutes later the 10k started. I was starting to get nervous. Soon it came time for me, my brother, and the other runners gathered at the start line. The announcer then counted down from five to one. Then we were off.

I started to jog so I could get passed all the walkers. Once I broke through the gates of Fort Caswell I was well on my way. Soon I bit the one mile mark and then I got halfway done with mile two when my stomach was starting to hurt. I pushed through the pain and soon I was coming up to the finished line.

I got closer to the finish line. When I crossed I felt a wave of accomplishment come over me. Soon after completing the race BrittWhitFun and K-Dub joined me and congratulated me. My brother crossed the finish line and we walked over to see where we placed and our time.

The stats were in and I finished third in my age division! My time was 29:35. I could not believe I placed! We stayed for the awards ceremony where my name was called and I was presented with a small trophy. It was also reveled that the guys in first in second place were military guys so that made feel real good.

We’ll my first race was over and I have to say I am very impressed with myself and I am so glad trained. All that hard work finally paid off. I can’t wait for my next one!


Ready For Race Day

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We are almost to the big day! I am more than ready to run my first 5K. Tonight I finished my last day of race training for the Oak island Lighthouse 5K. This is more of a practice race but I still want to do my best.

I ran to ought to see if I could get my time down to 29 minutes. I ran my 5K tonight in 28:54 minutes! I did way better then I thought I would. Now it’s time to pack the bags and head down to Oak Island!

So excited!

To Run On The Track Or Run To Make A Bottle?

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Mondays are rough for cause now that I am training for my upcoming race I have to work in my exercise routine everyday. The problem with this is that I also have my daughter on Mondays. Now I love Daddy and Daughter Mondays but this past week I fell short of being a parent.

Yesterday I told you about my first experience at yoga class but like most things in this world, there is more to the story. After dropping K-Dub off at the gym daycare and completing my first class, I decided to go ahead and do some weight and race training.

So there I was running my scheduled two miles. I finished my weight and race training when I happen to look at the time on my phone and saw that K-Dub had been in the daycare for almost three hours. There is a two hour limit. So I rushed downstairs to get her and was reminded by the worker that there is a two hour limit. I apologized. K-Dub looked at me with tears in her eyes and she looked so sleepy.

Although we missed her first nap, I got her home and fed her some lunch and then gave her a bottle to help calm her down and put her to bed. I was completely upset with myself for being so selfish. I forgot that when you are a parent you can’t be that way. Yes, I want to do well at this race and prove to myself and others that I can do it but not at the cost of my child.

So I fell short on being a parent and the only thing I can do about it is be a better parent the next day and that was just what I did!


I think she forgave me!

I Make A Good Tree- My First Yoga Class

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I have to say that in the past few months since I made the committment to be more active it has been hard to spice up my exercise routines. How do you go from running 50 miles in week to be an extreme weight lifter? Well I was a work this past weekend and I was talking to a coworker about how they went to their first yoga class and hated every minute of it. I was very interested in yoga but more about this person’s unique experience. Is yoga that bad? Is is that hard?

I have always had a very strong opinion about yoga. That it was way too hard and that I might not be that flexible to do downward dog. Like really the last thing anyone wants to see is me with my head buried in the floor and but sticking up in the air. I always thought yoga was for only two things: the birds and women. How many men do you see rushing off to class with a yoga mat in hand? Not many where I live!

I decided to give yoga a chance to see if it is really that hard. So after dropping K-Dub at the gym daycare, I went to class. I got there and the instructor introduced herself to me and told me to grab a mat in the back and lay it where I wanted. I chose the back of the room cause that way if I felt it was too hard then no one would see me leave. I got comfortable and waited for class to start.

I have to say that I am really glad I got there early cause a minute before we started there was not anymore room. I looked around the room to see that there was only myself and another guy there. I stand uncorrected on my above statement. There was also a lot of older women. So my first thought was that if these older women can do these moves then I should be able to.

Class started with our instructor, her name was Mia, talking about how yoga is for everyone and that we need to listen to our bodies. My body was telling me that I needed to fart but I simply told it to wait. Then she told us concentrate on our breathing and to roll our heads in a circle. After two circles, I was starting to feel really relaxed. Then we moved our shoulders and then our arms, while taking slow breathes. I have to say I felt really good.

Then we did some balance moves. I found out that I was more flexible than I knew. We stood on one leg and brought the other one up and placed it under our knee while keeping a praying stance with our hands. Mia called it a tree. She walked by and made sure everyone was in the right position. She came to me and said I made a good tree. To me being a “yoga virgin”, that was the best compliment I could ever get.

After a few more moves followed by some relaxing breathing, class was over and I have to say that I have never been more relaxed and sore at the same time. I loved yoga and I might go back next week considering that it was nice to just be “centered” for a change.


Practice Race Makes Perfect

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Sorry for posting so late today. I am just now getting over the fact that How I Met Your Mother is over. What a great finale! I know many think it was not so good but I loved it. Anyways, I have been crazy busy training for my upcoming race on May 17th.

I have been doing so much race training that I have been getting a lot if support from my family. Even my brother was willing to support me. He even asked me if I wanted to run a 5K on April 12th. After working out my schedule at work I finally got my time off to go. Go where? The race is at the beach so this race has turned into a guys weekend so I am so excited!

I have to say I am nervous to run my first race and decided to treat this one as a practice race. So wish me luck next Saturday. I am going to need it. I am also more excited to spend some much needed bro-time with the brother I never get to see.

In Need Of An Adventure

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As many can tell, I have been in a crazy rut lately. I am in a desperate need of an adventure. I know this may sound selfish or a little petty but I need a change and I need it now. I guess that’s why I have been struggling to write good blog entries as of late.

I have been doing some research online and found some really interesting things I want to try by the time the summer is over. I have been looking at some of the state parks that are around and would love to take a camping trip out there. I would even like to go hiking, mountain biking, or kayaking. It sounds awesome.

I don’t know if maybe I am going though a pre-mid life crisis or I am just getting in touch with my outdoor side but I want to get out and do something crazy that I don’t normally do.

If you guys have any suggestions that would be great!