My Child Is The Hulk! What Can Your Kid Do?

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So it’s been a while since I have blogged about my kid. I don’t know why but she has grown up so fast in last few months. She has her own personality and she has moods. Not all of them are good. She can be both good and bad and she is really strong.

K-Dub is mean. I know people should not say that about their kid but for my daughter it is true. I ask her if she loves Daddy and she tells me no every time. EVERYTIME! It’s so frustrating. She decides when she gives kisses and fights tooth and nail about eating dinner. That’s right! Dinner at our house is like living in the movie The Hunger Games everyday. EVERYDAY! It usually results in my wife crying. Just this morning she called me and she was upset. She had to drop K-Dub off at her dads so she could run some errands and K-Dub would not even tell her bye or give her a kiss.

Besides her crazy mood swings and anger issues( which she gets from her mother), she is in a weird way very strong. She can mover her little plastic table across the room carry six grocery bags at one time. They are empty but you get my drift. She can even throw her blocks and book clear across the room. Her new favorite thing to do is move the kitchen chairs around. So when we get ready for dinner it’s a game of musical chairs with no music and me looking for the chairs. I guess it’s not musical chairs at all.

So between my kids anger issues and her super baby strength, she is turning into quite the little hulk. I just hope she does not turn green. Some people call it the terrible twos but this dad calls it a small preview of what it’s going to be like when she becomes a teenager. I better buy a helmet cause those blocks really hurt.

My First Half Marathon Run

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Sorry it’s been so long since my last entry. Things have been so crazy. BrittWhitFun finally got a new job and will be starting on October 13th! Yay! That is wonderful news for us.

For the past few weeks I have been making Sunday my long run day. Every week I add about 2 to 3 miles on. I had major plans to run the Cooper River Bridge 10k in March but now I am thinking about doing something bigger.

This Sunday I ran a whole half marathon. No it was not a race as much as it was proving to myself that I could do it. It was not for time but for fun. When is the last time you ran for fun?

The first 10 miles were easy but when I hit mile 11 my body started to shut down but I never slowed down. I finished those last 13.1 miles and became a half marathon runner. My total time was 2 hours 31 minutes and 35 seconds which is not bad but some room for improvement. The only bad thing about the run was that my stupid self did not eat anything and I felt like I was about to pass out and called my wife to come get me. But I finished!

As stated above, I want to go bigger which is why I am going to head back to Oak Island, NC in April and run the lighthouse half marathon! So now I start training. Wish me luck cause I will need it.

A Long 10 Miles…

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Today I spent the greater portion of my morning doing what relaxes me…running.

I have been spending the last three Sundays trying to do long runs. I wanted to really push myself and see how much could my body take.

I still have not made my mind up if I want to run a 10k or just skip it altogether and go for the half marathon. I know I can do it but I just want to be able to say I have completed everything.

The first run I ran 7.62 miles. The second I ran 8 miles. Today I pushed myself and ran 10 miles.

The first couple of miles were easy. It was when I got to mile 7 that I started to feel it in my legs and hips. By the time I reached 10 I was done but still had to walk home. It was a big accomplishment and the longest run I have do to date. Next Sunday I am going for the whole 13.

Wish me luck!

The Up Side Of Good Things

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So this week has been a little insane at our house. I have been trying to train for my races next year. I still have not decided if I want to run a 10k or just go straight to the half marathon. Still have no clue. Anyways, BrittWhitFun went on a job interview Monday! Yay! The interview actual went really well. So well that they asked her to come back for some job shadowing. That’s a good sign right?

Other than that great news, we decided to redo the playroom upstairs for K-Dub. So this weekend I am going to be taking the desk out and moving it to the dining room along with the love seat. Then I will move on to painting and buying some more kid friendly furniture to house there.

Speaking of K-Dub, she has been going through what I call the early terrible twos or pre-terrible twos. She has been super whinny and clinging lately. Somehow she learned how to throw herself of the floor and cry until she gets her way. It’s hard being a parent and not giving in to her. I am a firm believer in tough love and to let them cry until they get over it. Pray that my wife and I don’t either end up on the 10 pm news or are found in the corner of the living room crying ourselves to sleep.

Guys Night In

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So my wife and daughter decided to go on a girls trip and leave me at the house alone for a couple of days. When she told me she was going I was excited sad. It was the first time we slept apart for a long period time since we were dating.

I got off work and headed home to feed Tan Man and then I headed to the gym. The best thing about this was I got to workout as long as I wanted to. So I ended up working out for about two hours. I then got some good and headed home. Did you think I was actually going to cook.

When I got home and showered I ate my food while watching Extreme Weight Loss, which is the best show ever, and are my dinner. I was thinking to myself that this was awesome.

I went to bed around 11 which is something I never do. My wife and I are usually in bed by 9. I laid in bed and looked at the ceiling. Then it hit me. I was alone. This is what it feels like to be single. I have forgotten what it was like and I hated it. I started to miss my wife and child really bad so I did what any dad would do. I got my phone and started looking at pictures of us. After about 20 minutes I finally fell asleep. During the night I found myself waking up and reaching on my wife’s side of the bed and then being reminded that she was not there. I would became sad again.

This morning I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed out the door and just repeated to myself that they will be home on Friday. I think tonight I will need a FaceTime session with them as soon as I get home.

What I learned: Guys night in is not what it cracks up to be when you are a family man.

When It Rains It Pours…

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Well it’s been a long time since I last posted. That’s exactly what I said last time. Sorry readers for being gone so long but after you read this post you will know why.

Since we last talked Robin Williams and Joan Rivers died, Apple came out with an awesome new watch, and we have a new royal baby on the way. Enough about current events. Since we last posted my dad had recovered from his heart attack. He is doing great and is driving now. It’s great to have the old man back. Love my dad.

My mom got really sick and is still recovering but we hope to have her back as new real soon. My nanny and sister-in-law is gone to Africa. It was a real sad day but more on that later.

My wife lost her job so I am currently the only one working at the moment. It’s great that she is getting to spend some much needed quality time with K-Dub but I think she is ready to go back to work. She will tell you that she is not stay at home mom material.

Besides working, I am still on my quest to be more fit. I still can’t seem to get rid of those crazy last thirty pounds. I am also looking for a new hobby for fitness. If you have any suggestions please run them by me.

It’s been a crazy summer and there still a few things to tell but all in good time we have a lot to thankful for. Summer ended with my wife and I in a rough spot but we still remain strong and more in love than before. In order to have a rainbow, you need a little rain.


One Hell Of A Two Weeks

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Sorry I have been away for a couple of weeks. It’s been the most trying time in my short little life. My dad had a heart attack, my mom went septic, and my wife’s Nana had a heart cath. So needless to say my family has been a little busy.

I spent a lot of time taking care of dad so my fitness routine got a little interrupted. I took some time off work to make sure he was ok. He had bypass surgery so he was no as mobile as he wanted to be.

My sister came down from Kentucky with my niece to help me. She was a huge help and that allowed me to spend some time with my wife and daughter. Her visit was short but very effective.

With all these family health issues it makes want to get healthier more. I have 90 days until I reach my one year mark. I am shooting to have my weight in “wonderland”, which is in the 100s. I have a lot of hard work ahead but know I can do it.